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Using Indie Affiliates you will be able to easily find affiliate marketers who will promote your product, resulting in more revenue & backlinks for your startup.

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I created my affiliate marketing program... now what?

We have been there, so excited about having finally set up an affiliate marketing program for our startup, but then not knowing where to share it.

Here is how you can share yours
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Create your affiliate page

Thanks to Indie Affiliates easy to use page creator, all you need to do is submit the details of your product and affiliate programs, we will do the heavy work and display it nicely in your own affiliate page.

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Gain Revenue & Backlinks

After affiliate marketers find your page and like your program, they will (eventually) start promoting it on their channels, increasing your revenue and giving you valuable backlinks too.

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Focus on improving your product

After you create your network of affiliates, they will promote your product for you so that you can focus on what you like most, building.

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Tried this and it was super smooth & intuitive! Getting affiliates is super hard work, but can be a great growth strategy down the line. Awesome to have Indie Affiliates do some of that work for me

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I've wanted to set up an affiliate program for ColorBliss for months, but wasn't sure how to get people to join. Indie Affiliates looks like a really promising way to drive traffic to my affiliate program!

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I listed my startup's affiliate in two minutes. It's a super cool way to earn some extra income by doing nothing.

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Juanjo Valiño
Founder of WrapFast

I created Indie Affiliates out of a personal problem: I was not sure how I could get marketers to see my affiliate program for Ink Studio AI, and that is why Indie Affiliates was born.

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Create your Affiliate Program page for free

Whenever you want it published, get the lifetime deal and show it to affiliate marketers!

Why is Affiliate Marketing crucial for your startup?

  • Get backlinks from marketers
  • Increase your revenue
  • Higher brand credibility
  • Performance-based
  • Marketing on auto-pilot
  • Wider reach
  • You can focus on development

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Frequently asked questions

What is Indie Affiliates?

Indie Affiliates is a platform that helps startups and businesses easily share their affiliate marketing programs with affiliate marketers worldwide, leading to increased revenue, backlinks, and brand exposure.

How does Indie Affiliates work?

You simply need to sign up, provide details about your product and affiliate program, and Indie Affiliates will create a dedicated affiliate page for you. This page will be discovered by affiliate marketers who can then promote your product on their channels, earning commissions for successful referrals.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via Stripe, including major credit cards.

Is there a free trial or free plan?

Yes, you can get started with Indie Affiliates for free. There is a free plan that allows you to create your affiliate page. In order to share it with potential affiliate marketers, you need to purchase a plan.

What are the pricing plans?

Indie Affiliates offers a 1-Year Pass for $15 (one-time payment) and a Lifetime Pass for $29 (one-time payment). The Lifetime Pass is considered the best value option.

What are the benefits of using Indie Affiliates?

By using Indie Affiliates, you can gain backlinks from affiliate marketers, increase your revenue through referrals, enhance brand credibility, benefit from performance-based marketing, achieve wider reach, and focus on product development while affiliates promote your product. Note: we cannot guarantee that affiliates will promote your product, that is completely up to them.

How do I create my affiliate page?

After signing up, you can provide details about your product and affiliate program. Indie Affiliates will then create a professional-looking affiliate page for you to share with potential affiliates.

How many affiliates will promote my program?

While Indie Affiliates handles the creation of your affiliate page, the amount of affiliate marketers who like and promote your product cannot be guaranteed as it is not something we control.

How do affiliate marketers find my affiliate program?

Once your affiliate page is created, you can share the link with potential affiliates through your network, social media, or other channels. Additionally, Indie Affiliates has a directory where affiliate marketers can discover new programs.